The Story Behind the Name

Amy Roydhouse

Posted on July 27 2018

The Story Behind the Name

I am new to blogging even though it has been around for years now, and I promised myself I would move with the times so here is the first of many blogs! 

I always get asked the story behind the name Reins so what better to write about than where I first started with Reins.

This is the story of how the name came about.

Back in 2009 when I was coaching Showjumping and working for PGG Wrightson part time, I also had an interest in Equine Education. I wanted to be more than just a riding instructor; I wanted to make a difference to people's lives and give them a recognised qualification to go with that.

Having a Secondary School education through the NZ Correspondence School and growing up doing Unit Standards, I looked for opportunity to gather the same Unit Standards, but in Equine.

First off: I needed a name for this new coaching and education business I had found myself getting more and more passionate about.

So, out with the pen and paper (I'm a fan of this for any idea, no matter how big or small – old school I know!!)

Names flew down on the paper with the normal focus: Roydhouse Equine, Roydhouse Equestrian, blah blah blah – but nothing outside the box. Then one afternoon mum got off the phone and said "Reins". Just like that we came up with the acronym Riding Education Instruction National Standards. I fell in love with the name instantly!

From there I worked with a graphic designer in Hawke's Bay where I combined my passion for jumping with the brand and also my philosophy of horses and humans being in a partnership. 

The conclusion was REINS – connecting horse with rider. It's a clever brand with multiple meanings, but all of which I am passionate about.

My tip to people starting out in business and developing their brand, is to have something easy to remember, relevant and something you can be proud to tell the story of!


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